The concept for the app is for you to find creative events and then connecting with attendees and speakers. It does this by using your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc.  to find events that you would be interested in. This can be toggled in the settings section to be able to change where you want your feed to come from. For example you might want more to come from LinkedIn than Facebook. 

For each event you can see who is speaking, who out of your 'network' is attending and the rest of the attendees. There is ability to scroll left or right to find more events and to save the event to your feed to be able to see later on. If you find a speaker that you are interested in you can add that person to your feed and it would come up later if they are speaking at any other events. Each person has a small profile with being able to view which conferences and events they have been to, where they have talked and links to their other social media. 

The next slide is a video demonstrating how the app would be used.