A Special Gift - First and Last Pages

I created a Project Life style scrapbook for my boyfriend who will be leaving me soon for 4 months to serve his country. I wanted him to have it when he was abroad to look at whenever he wanted and to remember all the wonderful memories we have created together. It was wonderful seeing his reaction.

Front Cover

I thought the front and back covers would look best in black and white and for all the colour to take place inside. I'm really pleased with the quality and opted for the image to be printed on the cover rather than a dustsheet. 

A lovely quote I found that summed up our relationship. 

I started the book with an entry quote. I actually made him look at some quotes on Pinterest and asked him which one he liked best, he chose this one (he was unsure what it was for at the time). I always think life is a little weird and question everything and this was perfect. 

The first spread is based on two graduations in the past two years. I tried to mirror the pages with what content I had and it's lovely comparing the years difference between the picture of us at the bottom. 

Tip: I created my own title cards by using a paintbrush effect in Photoshop and changed the colours to what I preferred. 

 The day was filled with excitement and laughter, as Rowan would soon embrace the working world of the RAF. 

The last page is a letter that I handwrote and scanned into the computer. Rowan loses things easily and I wanted him to have a copy in the book incase he lost the original. 

Tip: Click the images to view fullscreen. 

Over the next few weeks I will be posting about the various spreads inside and can't wait to share them with you. I hope to inspire some of you!