Family Fun in Canada - Project Life

This is the first full page spread that I have done the entire year. We are in what month? August? That is a whole 8 months of time to complete a weekly spread. I try to think back to the time before New Years that I decided to start this Project Life journey. Every time I think, I realise that I want to document my life in the present, for the future. 

To try and catch up on 8 months worth of Project Life I picked weeks that were fun to capture the memories. Once I found the motivation, I continued until I was done the spread. 

Above is the DIY Polaroid journal cards that I created in Photoshop. This was my first time experimenting with Design Y photo pocket pages and this style of journalling suited the design very well. I was able to capture more memories and put them to life on the page. 

This week in Canada was hard. It can take weeks and months to reflect on what happened in our lives. Project Life is my way of reflecting on the bumpy week that it was and made me realise that every family has problems. 

The second page of the spread was mostly dedicated to the day going to Canada's Wonderland based in Toronto. It is always a super fun day out with the kids and we try to go every other year. It was raining but that didn't stop the kids spirits in going on every possible ride they could. It is amazing seeing my nieces and nephews grow up into wonderful people. 

The picture of the three trees against the clouds was taken on the drive up to the cottage. It described my mood perfectly and sometimes I think it is important to but the good and the bad in your scrapbook. The good and the bad is still my life and it should be documented. 

Completing a weekly spread (finally!) was exhilarating and I cannot wait to start to catch up on the many weeks worth of memories. Let the scrapbooking begin. 


Project Life is a way of capturing memories in an easy pocket style way. It was created by Becky Higgins and is pioneering its way in the scrapbooking industry.