Art journalling can be so fulfilling. After a bad couple days it can be so fun to just sit down and doodle. So that is what I did. 

Those gold puffy hearts from Studio Calico are adorable. I was so glad when they got them back in stock!

I got some new Washi tape which I couldn't wait to try out! It's silver and gold and it will go perfectly with December Daily (If I manage to do it). 

I knew my focus this week was on typography and getting all the thoughts out of my head. The spiral text focusing inwards is how I felt this week. Long distance relationships are very difficult and when there is a bump thrown in there it gets harder. 

There were cracks this week that have now been slightly filled in. I stamped the date in the middle of the day that I was doing this to remember the raw emotion I was feeling at the time. 

All along the sides were bad day, bad day, bad day. Over and over because it was one that I surely do not want to experience again. 

Relationships and life in general can be difficult but it is how we deal with everything that matters. This week taught me I am stronger than I know and I have matured a lot in the last few years. Here is to the end of a bad week and on to much brighter days.