Habit Update | Learning to control my RIGHT NOW aspect of me.

 14 days. 1 missed. YES.  That is an achievement because one missed day isn't too bad but once you miss more than one then that signals you are getting off track. Keeping this in mind I haven't so far missed more than one!

How have these two weeks gone? 

Very well I think. Meditation is harder than I thought because it is hard to calm the thoughts in your head. I thinking through how the day will pan out and various other things going on because it is in the morning. I'm very determined to see this through to the end of the month and beyond.

How has the trigger worked?

The trigger has worked wonders for me. On my first post on beginning Habit November I mentioned that my trigger is after I have my green tea. I'm instantly reminded that I need to do my meditation. At the time of writing this I need to get some more green tea!

Why did I fall off the bandwagon for a day?  

I didn't have my green tea. To be honest I didn't get out of bed most of the day due to some heavy student partying. I was already planning not to do it because when I meditate I want to have a clear vision of the thoughts and mantra that I am saying in my head.  

How will I stop this from happening again?  

I'm not going to stop myself from having fun but prepare in advance is key.  

I have been thinking about when this month will be over (which is going to creep up on me) and how I want to create a small new habit every month to add on to the previous one. 

It's all about taking baby steps.  

I think I need to remind myself of this everyday. 

Meditating every day for 20 minutes was a big habit. From here on out I'm sticking to baby steps. I think it's the only way to achieve my ultimate habit list.  

You can't achieve everything all at once (sorry, I wish we all could RIGHT NOW). My personality can be very RIGHT NOW. By creating these habits I hope to reign that part of me back in.