Project Life | Week 1 | Canmore and the Rocky Mountains

Time Travel back to Week 1. 

30th December 2013 - 05th January 2014

Week 1 Spread

I started the year off doing week and weekend in review. I don't know why I didn't keep this up because looking back I really enjoyed it. 

Week 1 Left Side

Banff was possibly the most beautiful place I have visited and Molly and I made it up to the top of one of the mountains. It is wonderful to look back. 

Week 1 Right Side

I experimented with some word overlays but nothing too experimental. I stamped onto the gold card "eat, drink and be merry" which still fits the Christmas spirit. 

Details of Week 1 

When I ate at the Banff Springs Hotel I had cheesecake and served with that Cheesecake was clotted cream from Devon. It was so weird and crazy because in England, that was where I had lived! Devon! I was in the middle of the rocky mountains in Canada eating cream from where I can flown half across the world from. 

I got more experimental throughout the year and I will time travel back to the early weeks when I started Project Life. (Not that I am caught up - working on week 2 as we speak)