^ This will not make sense if you don’t know the song. Sometimes I have songs swirling in my head that I bop along to.

I'm Celia and I welcome weirdness. I love weirdness. 

I'm Celia and I welcome weirdness. I love weirdness. 

I have been wanting to blog for a long time now (over a year) and I think in that year I have been coming up with as many excuses as possible not to do it. I have done the occasional post but nothing that was set in stone.

I had created excuses from: I really just want to relax or I don’t have the time. The latter one people always talk about and it is and isn’t true. Everyone is busy, yes we can all understand that, but it is how your time is used that is in question.

It hit me when I was lying in bed with a head cold. I was searching on multiple websites about creating habits, starting a blog and then the occasional snooping of Instagram at cookies. I wasn’t actually doing any of those things, I was just reading about it. I tricked myself into thinking that if I read many blogs and articles, that I would suddenly one day start writing multiple blog posts a week and create a habit out of nowhere.


That is how this post has formed, to start creating that habit and put this blog into action.

1. Set myself a time everyday that I will sit down and purely write. Write for the blog, write for myself, write my essays. I want to write everyday because frankly, I suck at it. I have never been good at essays and apparently I swap sentence structures around. (This could be because I was in a French school and then pushed into English at the age of 7, but that’s for another day.)

2. The purpose of this blog is to document my 20’s through photography and storytelling. That means I need to dust off my Canon and start taking my IPhone photography seriously. Pictures is what makes a page and it’s the way those photographs are crafted that is key.

3. I will publish two posts every week. I’m leaning towards Tuesday and Thursday because I find it’s the beginning, middle and end of a week and I need motivation around those times. If I have more content I will post more.

4. Have fun and remember that I want my friends and family that live around the world to be able to be with me on a day-to-day basis. (Also my boyfriend who is in the military and posted abroad at the moment)

I welcome you all aboard this journey towards pretty things, documenting our lives through words and cupcakes.