Project Life 2014 Plans

Project Life 2014

This is my first year of Project Life and I am excited to see where it takes me. I am behind already due to deciding to give it a go a couple weeks into January. I wanted to set out my plans of how I am going to accomplish and enjoy this year through Project Life. 

For people who may not know, Project Life is a way of documenting life through photographs, journalling and scrapbooking. All in one! I can make it as simple or complicated as I would like which is why I thought I could fit it around my University schedule.

My Plans:

1. I bought myself a beautiful 12x12 folder from the Kraft edition that I intend to use. It is big enough to be able to fit all the photographs I plan on taking!

2. Design A and D appealed to me most as it has some uniformity to it and it seems to be the most popular choice.

3. Rounded corners is the way I will be going and I even purchased the corner rounder from Becky Higgins collection! 

4. The main fonts I plan to use throughout are Aleo, League Script Thin and Frenchy. However this could change as I begin the scrapbook. This ties in with myself printing all the journal aspects I want to include because I feel that my handwriting isn't up to par and I prefer the look of clear and printed writing. 

5. I like the idea of including week and weekend reviews, which I plan on creating the designs myself in Photoshop and printing them out. 

6. It is handy to use my IPhone but I feel that sometimes I can't achieve the look I want to. Thus I plan on bringing out my big camera to document my life. I might find this difficult with how bulky it is but it will be worth it to see all the detailed photographs I will be taking. 

7. The last thing is I want to combine digital and handmade. Hybrid! I love to edit my photographs in Photoshop and add little comments and the opportunity to create my own graphics and print it out for my Project Life excites me. 

Throughout the year I will post photographs of how my Project Life is working and what I did to achieve certain looks. Project Life is another way to show how creative I can be but in a more personal manner. 

Let 2014 begin!