Transforming Typography

Having started my course in Graphic Communication at University of Reading most of the practical sessions have been revolved around typography. I knew that this course introduced the details of typography but I didn't prepare myself to this extent. I now know more about typography than I ever have but I do wish I was getting stuck into branding and packaging as that is what interests me most. 

 This unit is entitled "Design for Reading" which means designing continuos text typefaces and the details for documents and everyday books we read. In some ways I know that this can be important for the more mundane tasks in graphic design but something inside me wants to play around with display types till my hearts content. 

Transforming my initials; C to a Y proved to be much more fun than I thought. I decided to start off with blackletter typeface for the letter C because I had more structure to start off with. 

Blackletter C

I finished off the transformation with a serif typeface to try and play around with the different typefaces. I feel that I could have increased the amount of steps to transform the two letters and then there would have been more flow to each step.