This week was so much better than last week and I brought tons of COLOUR into these pages. My heart is happy. That means my art journal is happy.

Get Messy Art Journal Pages | Love

I'm full of love. That I had to repeat it around and around. I thought these colours went perfectly together using Studio Calico colour theory ink pads.

Love, love, love.


How can I expect the world to love me when I don't love myself? This is a long journey towards loving myself. Not in a superficial way but in a way that I don't critique myself constantly and am at peace. This quote is powerful.

"Love yourself and you love the world"

I stamped onto masking tape using the stamp from this months studio calico project life kit called Walden. I had a heart shaped stamp that I wasn't sure how to use and the effect in the middle of the heart created this triangle effect. 

Detail of stamping. 

This week was a changer. I'm glad that life moves forward because there is no point looking behind. Do you love yourself?

Habit Update | Learning to control my RIGHT NOW aspect of me.

 14 days. 1 missed. YES.  That is an achievement because one missed day isn't too bad but once you miss more than one then that signals you are getting off track. Keeping this in mind I haven't so far missed more than one!

How have these two weeks gone? 

Very well I think. Meditation is harder than I thought because it is hard to calm the thoughts in your head. I thinking through how the day will pan out and various other things going on because it is in the morning. I'm very determined to see this through to the end of the month and beyond.

How has the trigger worked?

The trigger has worked wonders for me. On my first post on beginning Habit November I mentioned that my trigger is after I have my green tea. I'm instantly reminded that I need to do my meditation. At the time of writing this I need to get some more green tea!

Why did I fall off the bandwagon for a day?  

I didn't have my green tea. To be honest I didn't get out of bed most of the day due to some heavy student partying. I was already planning not to do it because when I meditate I want to have a clear vision of the thoughts and mantra that I am saying in my head.  

How will I stop this from happening again?  

I'm not going to stop myself from having fun but prepare in advance is key.  

I have been thinking about when this month will be over (which is going to creep up on me) and how I want to create a small new habit every month to add on to the previous one. 

It's all about taking baby steps.  

I think I need to remind myself of this everyday. 

Meditating every day for 20 minutes was a big habit. From here on out I'm sticking to baby steps. I think it's the only way to achieve my ultimate habit list.  

You can't achieve everything all at once (sorry, I wish we all could RIGHT NOW). My personality can be very RIGHT NOW. By creating these habits I hope to reign that part of me back in. 


Art journalling can be so fulfilling. After a bad couple days it can be so fun to just sit down and doodle. So that is what I did. 

Those gold puffy hearts from Studio Calico are adorable. I was so glad when they got them back in stock!

I got some new Washi tape which I couldn't wait to try out! It's silver and gold and it will go perfectly with December Daily (If I manage to do it). 

I knew my focus this week was on typography and getting all the thoughts out of my head. The spiral text focusing inwards is how I felt this week. Long distance relationships are very difficult and when there is a bump thrown in there it gets harder. 

There were cracks this week that have now been slightly filled in. I stamped the date in the middle of the day that I was doing this to remember the raw emotion I was feeling at the time. 

All along the sides were bad day, bad day, bad day. Over and over because it was one that I surely do not want to experience again. 

Relationships and life in general can be difficult but it is how we deal with everything that matters. This week taught me I am stronger than I know and I have matured a lot in the last few years. Here is to the end of a bad week and on to much brighter days.

Get Messy | Say yes to

It's getting colder here in England which means it must be freezing because when does England ever get cold cold? It means I'm saying yes to.... more sweaters, pumpkin muffins and opportunities this fall. 

Say yes to.... everything!

I really enjoyed experimenting with stamps and just handwritten messages. Keeping it simple and clean. 

Lately I have been LOVING pineapples. They make for cute illustrations and I wanted to create a replicated pattern on one page. 

I used to dabble in lettering and I don't tend to do it much now which is why I just started scribbling the words hello....everyone. 

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